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About look shape

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Look Shape is a full service web design and development company. Our team's success stems from our passion for what we do and our ethical values. We are proud that our business has grown largely by word of mouth and repeat business because our clients know they can rely on us to provide the most effective results.

Founded in 2010, Look Shape has grown from a one person operation to a team of individuals, each with unique talents. Our combined skillsets allow us to provide the best designs, most efficient functionality and unmatched customer service.

We promise to provide functional, elegant and engaging web sites while valuing and implementing your feedback, and being considerate of your budget and your busy schedule.

Meet the owners

Joel Dusenberry

Joel Dusenberry

Likes: My wonderful family, music, brewing beer, and exploring the Triangle.

Dislikes: Traffic, waking up before 6am, and being hangry.

About me: What can I say about myself? Well, I love to learn – period. I started my career in the early 2000s managing other's businesses predominantly in the customer service field. As I grew professionally (and personally) I realized two things. First, it is more important to hone my strengths than to dwell on my weaknesses. Second, I am always going to gravitate toward logical thinking and technology as solutions to problems. The simplest answer is often the right one, and when it's not, it is definitely the best starting point. Ever since I have been programming and helping to run a small business, I love the challenges I face each day – I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Anthony Dugo

Anthony Dugo

Likes: Video games, live music, cooking, and hanging out with family and friends.

Dislikes: Flying, spiders, Miracle Whip, arguing about politics with family.

About me: I covered an entire gallery floor in bubble wrap once, just before an art opening. It was loud and amazing. The artists and visitors loved it. That pretty much sums me up. I like trying new things to see what can and cannot be done. I'm the same way with cooking and design - you have to push the boundaries to have true understanding of something. I think the bubble wrap experiment taught me that sometimes people love the unexpected.